My First Collaboration

Luckily my first time collaborating with people I had not met prior to the project was an amazing experience! All of our voices were heard, we worked well together and we were able to create an amazing product!

In our first meeting we introduced ourselves and instantly had great chemistry and it was clear that our team would work well together. We decided to make a web application that provides information related to the search query of a musical artist. Although we were lucky to be placed with great programmers we would soon find out our journey would not be as perfect.

We were quick to collaborate in completing our vision of our website application, it was a relatively smooth process. After the first day we decided to complete different tasks to get the project rolling. One task was to complete the rough drafts of both the HTML and CSS. Another was to research a specific API we were looking into. The last Task was to research another API to provide information we needed that the previously mentioned API did not provide. When we returned the next day was when we ran into our first set of problems.

The HTML and CSS looked great but it was not implemented with a framework as per the criteria of the project. Neither API worked because we had not yet learned about how to deal with oAuth APIs. A day had passed and we were still at square one. This could be discouraging to some people but my team powered through this set back and we quickly came up with solutions to these problems.

We decided to use Tachyons, this seemed like a good framework that gave our website application the look we wanted. We found two APIs that we knew how to use and that provided us with information that we wanted to provide as search results. We had to change some parts of our original vision but we are content with the changes we made.

Our team coded quickly and efficiently and it was smooth sailing from there on out. We now have a web application that provides users with information about an artist they search for. Curious about our product? check it out with the link below!

The way we Implemented Tachyons was by using classes from the Tachyons website. They make styling our webpage easy and intuitive! Below is an example of how we implemented this technology:

bg-washed-blue, outline, w-100-l were some classes we decided to use to give our webpage the look and feel we thought would be best to create the vision we had in mind. All we had to do was put them in the class list of where we wanted to implement the styling!

Curious about how we coded this website application? check out our Github in the link below!

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